Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hydrangea Love

If you are looking for a showstopper flower for a party or wedding, look no further than the beautiful hydrangea. Hydrangeas have become one of my all time favorites. Not only do they look pretty mixed with other types of flowers but they make a gorgeous arrangement all on their own. They also look pretty when dried. I have used them in centerpieces at parties and weddings, as a cake topper and even as a wedding bouquet.

Here is a wedding cupcake dressed in one of the lace wrappers I make. It looks so pretty with the hydrangea.

I love how hydrangeas can really make a statement! This pretty iron stand is one of 4 and is one of the items I rent for weddings.

I have several hydrangea varieties planted in my yard. but my favorite is the Annabelle. Hydrangeas thrive in shade to partial sun and they like to be watered frequently.

Annabelle seems to be very happy in this spot and she makes me happy too!

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